Squash: Jahangir Khan v Rodney Martin :Leekes Classic Squash 1993

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Squash City Amsterdam – Nicol David 24.05.2014

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BT Sport becomes the new home of squash in the UK

BT Sport is squash brand new home in the United Kingdom after it became official British telecast partner of Professional Squash Association.

Coming into immediate effect, the deal would see BT Sport TV coverage from all the PSA World Series events, including World Championship.

Along with the likes of Nick Matthew (3-time men’s World Champion) and Laura Massaro (2013 women’s World Champion) amongst a bunch of UK players presently atop the men’s and women’s tours. The BT Sport would offer the United Kingdom squash fans the scope to see every semi-final as well as final match live from few of world sports most unique places, along with other select games also to be telecasted on the channel. (more…)

Squash Steps Up

A hugely popular racquet sport squash is usually played by two players in singles and four players in doubles in a court that is four-walled with a very small and hollow rubber ball.

The opposing players must take alternating turns in hitting ball onto the playing area of the walled court. (more…)

Falkland Islands Become Starting Point for Strange Squash Event 15.04.13

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Nicol David – Prince Squash

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Squash : Jansher Khan v Ross Norman : World Squash Teams Final 1987

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Peter Nicol Style Retrieving

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Squashskills: New Squashskills Site Live With Free Trial!

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Liz Ferro Striving For A Marathon In Every State

Participation in sports from childhood is the best way to make your task challenging. It also trains a child into the sport beforehand sin e the person is exposed to the kind of rigorous training and exercise. Liz Ferro who is the founder of Girls with Sole which is a non profit organization meant for striving for the girls.

Liz Ferro was abused sexually by her neighbour when she was 9 years old but her swimming team saved her from the clich├ęs. She found an escape route- athletics it was. Swimming in water made her let go. She is deeply rooted to running. For a decade she participated and continued to strive in sports. It was the power of athletics by which her life got saved and the reason why she stared Girls with Sole.

It just does not give them power and strength to come out of any obstacle but prepares them for the future. Her journey does not stop as she continues to run in every state possible by which she raises money for her organization. Her motto is very simple to make the girls strong, to give them their self confidence and make them believe that they can accomplish things. It is her 21st marathon which she has completed. She keeps on walking the walk. The marathons were continuous and she still believes that she can proceed further. She also brings her children from the organization wherever she goes.

It is a noble cause that she is pursuing for and in her organization not just about running but also volleyball and basketball and other athletics has been taught so that the children combat the physical activities with ease and release their pressure and stress of life. The curriculum runs deep.