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Liz Ferro Striving For A Marathon In Every State

Participation in sports from childhood is the best way to make your task challenging. It also trains a child into the sport beforehand sin e the person is exposed to the kind of rigorous training and exercise. Liz Ferro who is the founder of Girls with Sole which is a non profit organization meant for striving for the girls.

Liz Ferro was abused sexually by her neighbour when she was 9 years old but her swimming team saved her from the clichés. She found an escape route- athletics it was. Swimming in water made her let go. She is deeply rooted to running. For a decade she participated and continued to strive in sports. It was the power of athletics by which her life got saved and the reason why she stared Girls with Sole.

It just does not give them power and strength to come out of any obstacle but prepares them for the future. Her journey does not stop as she continues to run in every state possible by which she raises money for her organization. Her motto is very simple to make the girls strong, to give them their self confidence and make them believe that they can accomplish things. It is her 21st marathon which she has completed. She keeps on walking the walk. The marathons were continuous and she still believes that she can proceed further. She also brings her children from the organization wherever she goes.

It is a noble cause that she is pursuing for and in her organization not just about running but also volleyball and basketball and other athletics has been taught so that the children combat the physical activities with ease and release their pressure and stress of life. The curriculum runs deep.

Squash : Jahangir Khan v Jansher Khan : British Open Squash Final 1991

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Interquest – “Court on Camera” Viral Video

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David Snubs Brit Open Squash Organizers

Word’s # 1 squash lady Nicol David has expressed great discontent towards the very discriminatory attitude of Brit Open squash organizers towards the women’s sport. The great Malaysian was forced to play the inaugural match on traditional plaster courts that was afar from the principle arena.

Nicol secured good in her 11-8 12-10 11-8 triumph over the very talented Egyptian contender Heba Torky. But she had to go through radical adjustments for playing on the male dominated all-glass court for the 2nd round on Wednesday- this is the edgy court where the male players got the opportunity to game since their inaugural match at the championship.

Arguably, the elite-most squash player of the world after being in the topmost rank for around 8 years, Nicol surely has every right to criticize the discriminations posed by Brit Open on women players which she accepted without protest last year.

“Today there is a female world champion”,  stated David referring to opponent Laura Massaro. Massaro holds the great record of being the first ever Brit lady to hold World as well as Brit Open titles, post succeeding David as the world champ last month.

“That should be special’, continued Nicol. “There’re also a great number of English squash players in top 10 or 12 & every one of them is here- you sure you want a display?”

“Why not place everybody on glass court? This is the showcase & that is what which makes sense.”

Apart from gender equality, Nicol has also got commercial reasons for getting women’s matches at glass showcourt, alongside men’s, right from the maiden match.

5 women’s seeds got beaten on bouncier, warmer plastic courts- there was 15th seed & Aussie 4-time winner Rachael Grinham, Irish Madeline Perry, English Jenny Duncalf, India’s Dipika Pallikal & Egyptian Nour Sherbini.

Nicol David ToC ’14 DropShot

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Squash 2020 Olympic games and BTB Squash

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Squash: Peter Marshall v Chris Dittmar : Leekes Classic Squash 1993

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Squash Belgium – Exhibition Casteleyn Galifi Nicol Park – Feb. 2011 – Part 6

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