Alison Waters v Peter Nicol – 1st game – part 1

Peter Nicol Video clip Score: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “Alison Waters v Peter Nicol – 1st game – part 1”

  1. is this court 5?

  2. nicol david would struggle for points playing nick matthew

  3. For some reason, women enjoy tennis more than squash. I believe this is due to tennis being more social than squash. Also, women love drama and there is much more drama on a tennis court.

  4. women are no where near the men in squash! my brother has beaten the female world number 5 and he isn’t even a ranked squash player! the best woman in the world is no better than a good division 1 player for the men.

  5. well have you ever played one? they are really good!!

  6. amazing, i hav played on that court. u know the women arent that far from the men in squash

  7. This court appears to be small – narrow. Am I correct?

  8. I watched all three matches. He was not trying. I know this is may be a sexist comment, but it is the truth.

  9. Brilliant vid! Not 100% if it’s nicol or not?

  10. dude, of course he is Peter…he retired in 2006… terrible movement? he is playing WISPA# 6 and just joking around got her 3-0!!

  11. i’m sorry but is this really peter nicol? His movement is terrible…what’s happened?

  12. lol this video kind of made me horny

  13. i’ve played there at southgate brap