Squash : Jahangir Khan v Jansher Khan : British Open Squash Final 1991

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  1. @erictan001 yeah it is unfortunate for such a great game that it is
    difficult to see the ball .

  2. One of the worst comments I’ve ever read on Youtube. I hold no grudge
    against Pakistanis, I just would not assert national pride just because one
    particular member of my country excelled at a particular sport.

  3. how similar is this to racquetball it looks pretty close. Both these guys
    are nuts lol

  4. Going by your profile I saw that you live in Canada.It would,ve been better
    had you shown some language proficiency that one would expect of a
    native.My statement clearly says big reason,did I state it was the only
    reason,but then again your name tells me your probably hail from India and
    have big reasons to hold grudges against Pakistanis.Had you been
    rational,your brain would have probably aligned with your words,which
    clearly isnt the case here.I’ve good Indian friends so I will be rational

  5. Two legends at work. Jahangir and Jansher. They have been big reasons for
    me to feel proud as a Pakistani.

  6. do you have this match in full?could you please post same?

  7. shanab omo dah!

  8. You feel proud of an entire country because of two people?

  9. there is no footwork

  10. There is no ball

  11. very hard to see the ball…

  12. “This record will never be broken; no one will ever reach anything near
    this.” Jonnah Barrington’s words at 18:30 will definitely prove to be
    accurate a 100 years from today, probably longer.

  13. 2 people?? just one is enough to make us proud, my friend was just being

  14. @sircharlesgraham It is a normal size court

  15. They only had potatoes to film with back then.

  16. Squash: Facebook

  17. If I had a dollar for every pixel, I would have 14 cents.

  18. Jansher here was a retriever and a runner, he changed 2 years after this to
    be the greatest player in history, he was a destroyer

  19. are not the only two are many players, and made ​​history the best of
    squash in pakistan qamar zaman , Hiddy Jahan, Mo Yasin, Magsood Ahmed,
    umarayat khan, Hashim Khan, Mohibulla Khan , Zarak Jahan Khan, Jahangir
    Khan, Jansher Khan, Roshan Khan , Azam Khan, Mo Khan, Champions Runner-up
    Pakistan 30 Pakistan 25 ———MAKE history man!

  20. @swalden12345 yes he his