Squash : Jahangir Khan v Rodney Martin 1988 Squash British Open Final Complete Match

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  1. and the facilities as well bro, at the moment Pakistan is facing economic problems caused by Pakistan corrupt government and the last thing on their mind is sports, how can Pakistan dominate in sport when Mr 10% in power LOL. Thanks for your support nonetheless and all we can do now is just´╗┐ pray ­čÖü and keep our fingers crossed for a brighter future. Thanks for your support.

  2. I very much hope you are right. Pakistan has such a great history and tradition´╗┐ in squash that it would be a great shame if they don’t make a comeback. There must be plenty of great talent in the country that hasn’t been developed yet, they just need to be given the support.

  3. at the moment our players dont even have the facilities to practice or run on a daily´╗┐ basis.

  4. our best squash player is ranked 14th in the´╗┐ world hes Jansher son.

  5. Pakistan has dominated squash for the past 50 years its just until 2000 that Pakistan has turned crap because of corrupt politician who have been forced in to power, and since then Pakistan is no longer 1st in cricket or field hockey alongside squash, three sports Pakistan pride itself in. Oh well hopefully we will make a comeback once Imran Khan is in´╗┐ power.

  6. Not for the last 15 years! There hasn’t been a´╗┐ Pakistani ranked in the top 10 for a long time now and currently there isn’t one in the top 30. Pakistani squash has fallen to a new low and both Jahangir and Jansher have publicly expressed their disgust over it. Its very sad to see and now England and Egypt are the two greatest powers and probably will be for some time.

  7. @ewallt yeah I love this match , I must have watched it hundreds´╗┐ of times over the years .

  8. This was the first´╗┐ video I ever saw between two professionals. Watched it over and over again. I was hoping this would be posted sometime!

  9. Virtual God of squash. The greatest player in history of squash; Jahangir Khan.´╗┐ Pakistan rules and dictates the whole world ­čÖé

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  11. Nice splits at around´╗┐ 54 mins.

  12. What a game!!! Jahangir Khan´╗┐ Pakistani pride and king of Squash!!! Long live Jahangir Khan!!! Long live Pakistan!!!!

  13. Thanks! Btw, do´╗┐ you have any matches of Qamar Zaman? What a classy player he was!

  14. Yes it is an amazing match , I am currently checking my old videos to see if I have´╗┐ that match , will post it if I can find it .

  15. Thanks! What an´╗┐ amazing first two games! The racket-play, the psychology, the rhythm changes; everything was breathtaking. Martin has my respect for his performance in the 2nd. He had Jahangir worried and off balance and for a moment it seemed that the battle of the minds was Martin’s to take. But Jahangir superior physical strength made him come back. Probably the toughest BO final for Jahangir. Do you have the 1989 British Open final between these two greats as well? If so, please post!

  16. Wonderful. Thanks for´╗┐ sharing.

  17. I will be uploading some more videos of the great Jahangir Khan over the next few weeks´╗┐ .

  18. Thannks alot for sharing´╗┐ this wonderful video of this amazing humanbeing…he won 500consactive campatative squash matchs,a record no one can match by any other person on any sports…he was’nt givin the deu cradit for what he achived…by this video people will have the honer to watch this wonderfull champion…thankx again cheers.

  19. happy you like it ;)´╗┐

  20. Thank you so much for posting this video, its wonderful to see Jahangir in action. I look so much forward´╗┐ to the others!

  21. glad you enjoyed the video , I will be uploading more videos of Jahangir over the´╗┐ next few weeks ­čśë

  22. Thanks Alot for uploading this.. You have no idea How many lives you are changing uploading Jahangir Khan’s video.. I am an American but Jahangir Khan has been´╗┐ my inspiration. Pakistani nation is so lucky to produce a legend like Jahangir Khan, he is far superior in supremacy in sports than Mohammad Ali Clay. I just want to perform like Jahangir in my profession. Please upload more Jahangir Khan stuff.. Please,