Squash : Jansher Khan v Anthony Hill : Hong Kong Squash 1996 semi final

Peter Nicol Online video Ranking: 5 / 5

13 Responses to “Squash : Jansher Khan v Anthony Hill : Hong Kong Squash 1996 semi final”

  1. Am one of Jansher Khan FUN but Anthony is a very good player and thats why he reach the Semi Final…..

  2. @8:25 I have also seen it very carefully. Actually, the ball landed on the racked frame after the first bounce. Ref had a great decision.

  3. anthony is nothing but an australian “DOG”

  4. Thank you for the answer. This proves that they were also very strong in their heads, i think i never saw an ahtlete with such will to win as jahangir.

  5. @ 8.26 to me it seemed like Jansher did manage to pick the ball up! Dunno why the commentator is saying it was a double bounce.

  6. Awful sportsmanship

  7. As the commentator said: Has any player won a match against jansheer in which jansheer had a 2/0 lead ?
    Would be nice if someone answered this.

  8. 8:23 Took me 6 or 7 reviews, very difficult to see but defintively a double bounce. Though when your are the player, sometimes you don’t know either if it was double bounce or not.

  9. But, to be fair, Jansher clearly cheated on the pickup appeal. Niggle, niggle, say no more!

  10. At least partially partial commentator concludes:

    “From that shot, looks very much like a double bounce.”

    This guy must take off his Aussie goggles and look closer. What a bubble dunce!

  11. Up Hill’s arse

  12. Thanks for sharing JD!! What a childish a$s Anthony Hill comes across in this clip.

  13. great video