Squash: Peter Nicol v Jansher Khan : Al Ahram Final Squash 1997

Peter Nicol Online video Score: 4 / five

10 Responses to “Squash: Peter Nicol v Jansher Khan : Al Ahram Final Squash 1997”

  1. wow awesome stuff here. one of the best matches i ever seen in my entire life

  2. I disagree, watch the clip again…… Nicol’s drive was incredibly loose and no Jansher’s eyes were glued to the ball all along, watch the clip again!

  3. He was definitely fishing for the player….wasn’t even looking at the ball. The let was justified IMO.

  4. Great!!

  5. @rizhaq7 Long live King Khan 🙂

  6. @rizhaq7 yeah i thought it was a tough call

  7. @xyzDucati yeah awesome stuff

  8. Dat volley boast at 4:49 !

  9. Man just look at those killer volleys! I’ve never seen anything like it. Long live King Khan!

  10. The decision of not giving a stroke @9.51 was really unfair to Jansher I think….. and it’s because of that he lost the next point, hence the next game and possibly even the match!