Squash :Peter Nicol v Jansher Khan : Indian Squash Open 1997

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3 Responses to “Squash :Peter Nicol v Jansher Khan : Indian Squash Open 1997”

  1. ive noticed that in other matches aswell. maybe it is because he had gotten older and less in shape so maybe he was looking for too many strokes cause he get tired.thats just a guess, i dont know if he looked for as many strokes in his prime

  2. Great match.
    Thanks for uploading.

  3. Jansher was such a great player that he didn’t need to resort to all these cheap tactics fishing for strokes all the time. His legacy would have been much greater had he been a much fairer player like Jahangir or Nicol. Their integrity was never called into question. Thanks for this video!