Squash Skills: Peter Nicol – Drop Shot

Peter Nicol Online video Score: 5 / five

5 Responses to “Squash Skills: Peter Nicol – Drop Shot”

  1. Would be great to some slow motion of these shots, see the swing and racket face?

  2. Amazing videos guys, been waiting along time to see decent squash instructional vids on youtube. Can i ask you guys to offer advice on how to pick up the next shot after playing a dropshot e.g where you should stand, how to read the shot and how to move, i find once i take the ball in short and if my opponent reads it and plays a decent straight length or cross court i’m left flailing into the back corners and finding it difficult to get behind the ball. many thanks, keep up the good work

  3. Great videos guys!! Keep em coming please!!!!!!

  4. to put top spin on the ball you need to start with the racket face below the ball and then roll over the top of it effectively with a closed racket face in the same way as you would in tennis. This is one of my favourite shots and will get a video up at a later date….

  5. If I want to play a counter drop with top spin, do I have to have a open racket face or can I play my shot with a closed racket face like in tennis?