Squash:Peter Nicol v David Palmer :Squash Gold Medal Match Commonwealth Games 2006

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  1. btw Im also a young squash player

  2. Very good game I met David in real life and got an autograph with one of the balls he played with

  3. As you play squash your hand gets wet so squash players use the wall to “dry” the hand and be able to keep firm grip..

  4. Why do they caress the wall?

  5. Nice ..

  6. Wow at how much par scoring has made the game more exciting!

  7. @iamspartacus29 No sorry this is all I have .

  8. Thank you very much for posting on this channel. Do you have the first part of the game?

  9. You can support squash in the Olympics by visiting the site squash2020

  10. Its just to get rid of the sweat on their hand and to buy some time to compose themselves for the next point.

  11. so why do they rub their hands on the wall often???

  12. make squash an olympic game!

  13. The aspect ratio is wrong, the people are wider too.

  14. How this isn’t an Olympic sport boggles the mind. Especially when Football, Golf, Tennis and other sports with established major competitions that overshadow the Olympics are. Why? TV money, popularity? All I know is an Olympic gold in squash would be the absolute pinnacle of the sport, hands down. It would be great to watch during the Olympics as its not often on TV (love the Olympics for that reason, you get to see uncommonly televised yet widely played sports) Hope to see it entered one day.

  15. @london2012  *”Olympic Game” New “Squash” Now!!

  16. good video

  17. Oh nothing. Don’t bother.

  18. what happens then ?

  19. 7:07

  20. Thank you very much for this as I missed the final due to a cyclone taking out our power, much appreciated.

  21. It is the same size as a normal court .It is the way i have edited the video I like to have the court take up the entire screen on Youtube rather than have any gaps .

  22. it really looks like this squash court is a bit wider than the ones i see in recent squash videos. can anyone confirm this? or is it the camera lens/angle?

  23. In what channel you can see squash matchs?

  24. @SquashLeo05 search for squash world champions on wikipidea they have a good list

  25. @gadsoz this is from an old vhs recording , i am unaware of anywhere to buy this as a dvd